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The Holistic Dental Hygiene Association is all about creating a community for all likeminded wellness minded Dental Hygienists. Why is this so important? For the first time ever Dental Hygienists from all over the world have a place to call home where she/he can share like-minded values for healthcare giving beyond the mouth! YES, beyond the MOUTH! HDHA.org is here for networking and helping each other discover new RDH “career options” Clinical and Non-Nonclinical. We can still work with patients in a non-clinical dental environment! How? Let’s show you how!


Putting “me” first- my own wellness care needs-“Filling My Own Well” in the areas of:


BioChemical-study topics of chemical issues of your body, like:

  • Nutritional care

  • Stray radiation exposure

  • Gland protection

  • Homeopathic healing


BioMechanical-study topics of mechanical areas of your body, like:

  • Neck Pain

  • Wrist pain

  • Back pain

  • Glove wear

  • Massage Therapy


BioElectrical-study topics of energy frequency areas of your body, like:

  • Time management for “just me” time

  • Essential oils usages

  • Checking Health Frequency

  • Why Me?

  • Meditation

  • Yoga


Career Options for ALL RDH interested in moving “outside the mouth to the body” / learning the “Business of Dental Hygiene”


  • Creating a “Green” working environment? Are you protected from stray radiation and harmful chemical vapors?

  • Holistic Ergonomics

  • Negotiation of salary

  • Production

  • Working with office consultants

  • Adding value to your worth

  • Communication with front office

  • Communication with back office

  • Scheduling for quality patient care appointments

NON-CLINICAL – working inside Wellness Clinics Integrative Health Village Team members RDH, DMT, DHN,NFB, plus…..certifications/licensures

“Non-Clinical” CEUs

  • Certifications/Licensures

  • Independent Health Practitioner, IHP

  • Clinical Medical Thermographer, CMT Certification

  • Neuro Feedback, NFB Certification

  • Animal Thermographer, AT Certification

  • RDH Chirodontics Basic Certification

  • Naturopath, ND Licensure

Financial Freedom

  • Financial Freedom exploring income options

  • Business licensure type set ups

  • Legal steps of Independent Contractor

  • Tax credits

  • Money management

  • Retirement Options

My Own Schedule

  • Establishing my own types of working environments

  • Using Online appointment calendars

  • Doctor Team Referrals-Linking dental with medical appointments and vice versa

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Understanding the mouth & body connections, helping patients increase their wellness quality of lifestyle


Biochemical Patient

  • Bleeding Gums with each visit? Why?

  • How to screen and produce reports for Bio-Chemical imbalances?

  • Biochemical Case Studies


Biomechanical Patient

  • Chronic Migraine headaches checked off on medical histories? Why?

  • Chiropractors and Dentists working to treat dental diseases?

  • How to screen and produce reports for Biomechanical imbalances?

  • Biomechanical Case Studies


Bioelectrical Patient

  • Chronic depression and fatigue checked off on medical histories? Why?

  • Tooth and body neurological pathways do exist

  • How to screen and produce reports for Bioelectrical imbalances?

  • Bioelectrical Case Studies

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Our goal is to provide an interactive, engaging, and effective environment where dental hygienists can gather together to learn and grow.

Holistic Doctor Team Associations

Did you even know there are already like minded Doctor Teams out there looking for someone like you to work with? Once joining HDHA —Holistic Doctors from these associations will be notified of your wellness RDH listing services to offer inside their practice.

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