Did you know most healthcare professionals do not take the time to actually take care of their own “Self-Care”? HDHA is ready to help change all that! We encourage “Self-Care” that will help you stay well not only for your patients but more importantly for your own “Self-Care”!


I am not a “cleaning lady” so it has been stated several times. Tired of the daily repeated tasks that never seem to have any variations? What is it that keeps us from boredom with daily Dental Hygiene patient cleanings? Our dental hygiene college education is 2 years of “book learn” with pre-dental, pre-med, pre-nursing and pre-dental hygiene courses prior to applying for a place in a Dental Hygiene professional college preparing students for national and state boards.

How to add on RDH Career Options? What career choices are there for Dental Hygienists? The Dental Hygiene profession is trained to screen for Oral-Systemic Links per patient treatment care. How to use Oral-Systemic Links to the advantage of dentistry and medicine? Dental Hygienists are technically trained as Dental Nurses and years ago graduated as Dental Nurses.

Where to expand the Dental Hygiene profession with nursing means utilizing the “oral-systemic links” as the connecting bridge between the dental and medical community; by offering daily oral-systemic link screening reports for dental and medical provider combined review! It is a fact that the mouth is the first place the body’s systemic break down shows up-Dental Hygienists is the profession that works daily hours inside the mouths of thousands of persons on a regular basis.


Biochemical Patient

  • Bleeding Gums with each visit? Why?

  • How to screen and produce reports for Bio-Chemical imbalances?

  • Biochemical Case Studies

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Biomechanical Patient

  • Chronic Migraine headaches checked off on medical histories? Why?

  • Chiropractors and Dentists working to treat dental diseases?

  • How to screen and produce reports for Biomechanical imbalances?

  • Biomechanical Case Studies

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Bioelectrical Patient

  • Chronic depression and fatigue checked off on medical histories? Why?

  • Tooth and body neurological pathways do exist

  • How to screen and produce reports for Bioelectrical imbalances?

  • Bioelectrical Case Studies

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